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Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox is a lady fox which have tangerine fur, brownish attention and you will blue tresses

This woman is a person in INTERPOL and is almost always inside the ongoing search for this new Cooper Gang, which Sly Cooper, who viewpoints this lady just like the a relationship desire. Inside occurrences from Sly Cooper: Theft as time passes, Carmelita temporarily inserted this new Cooper Gang and you can aided Sly help save the newest Cooper Clan owing to big date travelling. She is currently investigating Sly’s whereabouts.

Carmelita first starred in Sneaky Cooper plus the Thievius Raccoonus during the the age of 21. The woman newest decades was unknown, once the she was 23 in the Sly dos: Selection of Theft and you can twenty four inside Sly step three: Honor Certainly Thieves, but an enthusiastic undisclosed timeframe introduced ranging from can Theft in the long run.

She is actually voiced by the Roxana Ortega during the Sly Cooper plus the Thievius Raccoonus, Alesia Glidewell in Sneaky dos, Ruth Livier inside the Sneaky 3 and Grey DeLisle inside Theft within the Some time following the appearances.


Carmelita try a 4th-age group person in the authorities. [1] From the a young age, she learnt at the Sleuth Academy and finished near the top of the girl group. Immediately after graduating on the Cops Academy that have remembers, she first started doing work for the fresh new Investigative Features Section regarding INTERPOL. [2] The woman company and you can coach try Inspector James Barkley. In the an unidentified reason for this lady industry, Carmelita became knowledgeable about Constable Neyla in addition to Contessa.

Fulfilling Sneaky

Whenever Inspector Barkley is approaching senior years, the guy desired to discover he had been passage his institution towards correct give. Therefore, he offered Carmelita, his novice protegee and no. 1 candidate for the task, the work regarding protecting new Parisian Opera Domestic and you can securing the newest Diva Diamond, a treasure belonging to opera musician Pachyderma Tuskinanny. Whenever you are patrolling the brand new rooftop, Carmelita discovered good raccoon looking at a map and ignoring brand new area. Assuming the brand new bad, she needed specific guards as well as apprehended him. Seeing the brand new burglar face-to-face, she try drawn right back from the exactly how glamorous he was. He was next put in the janitor’s closet. He ultimately escaped if in case Barkley discovered, he yelled from the Carmelita, blaming her getting their refrain.

Angry exactly how this new burglar got generated the woman look this new deceive in front of this lady workplace, she stormed from searching for him. She searched backstage the traces of raccoon. When you find yourself examining, she heard a commotion around the corner regarding the girl condition, nevertheless when she checked it, there was no-one truth be told there. Into the opera’s phase, Pachyderma was wailing along the simple fact that the fresh Diva Diamond try taken. Barkley screamed at Carmelita towards the top of their lung area, cutting the girl so you can tears.

Out of the blue, men fell about sky above her or him; he had been fastened suspended by a rope together with a newsprint bag over his direct. Carmelita got rid of the purse to get Pierre, the fresh stage manager, into the Diva Diamond up to their neck. In the handbag, Carmelita discovered a contacting card off Sneaky, which found this new label of your own burglar. For securing the brand new opera house, protecting brand new Diva Diamond and you can arresting Pierre, Carmelita received a marketing because of the Barkley. This would be the 1st time of numerous you to she and Sneaky carry out run into each other.

Sly Cooper therefore the Thievius Raccoonus

Carmelita appeared to prevent Sneaky off leaking out having an enthusiastic INTERPOL file with the Fiendish Four. Just after Sly’s avoid, she pursued your every single of the Fiendish Five members’ places, her first attentive are Sir Raleigh. She later on tracked Sly off when you look at the Mesa Area, looking for your again however, sooner or later failing continually to bring your. She proceeded so you can apprehend the new criminals called Muggshot and Mz. Ruby, prior to seeking Sly once again regarding Kunlun Hills. Naturally, she did not capture the new Cooper Gang however, did not miss her possible opportunity to arrest the fresh Panda King inside compensation for it https://datingranking.net/quiver-review losings.

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